Provider Resources

Provider Portal Login Page

Claims Check Run Schedule

Claims check runs will be processed every Wednesday unless otherwise noted via our provider portal login page or the date paid on your check.


Provider Portal Access Request

  1. In order to receive a Provider Portal account you must email
  2. In the subject line you must specify “Provider Portal Access – EOBS”
  3. The email must contain the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Office Phone Number
    • IPA Name
    • Vendor / Provider Name
    • Vendor / Provider NPI
    • Vendor / Provider Tax ID

Provider Portal Claims EOB Access

  • In order to access electronic claims EOBs you must first have a Provider Portal account with claims EOB permissions.                                                                            (Note accounts with authorization submission and claims review permissions DO NOT have claims EOB permissions)
  • To receive your claims EOBs you must first log in to the Provider Portal then follow the directions outlined in the PDF below.
  • ECHO_EOB Instructions V2
  • For any questions regarding Provider Portal Claims EOB Access please email and we will get back to you by end of the next business day.